5 Free Best Code Editors for Windows and Mac?

Best Code Editors for Windows and Mac is a common question arises in the mind of the Developer.
Whether you are a beginner or at intermediate level of becoming a programmer, you would require a best code editors for coding your program, game or even web application. But as you are a beginner you might not know which code editor is best for you to start coding. Choosing best editor for windows and mac is as much as important like choosing a car for your whole life.

A good editor is that which help you increase your efficiency and productivity in coding program. Imagine if you have a family of 7 members and buy car for 5 members, then it will be of no benefit. Similarly choosing a editor is also very much according to your need and usability is very much necessary.

So, this make choosing a code editor a time consuming and frustrating task. But today, I m your friend going to give you best code editor tip that will make your coding great heights. I am going to categories the code editor on the basis of their plus point, beginner friendly and easy to use.
The code editor on the top list is

Atom (Overall Best Code Editor)


Can Atom be the Best Code Editors for Windows and Mac?
Atom is a free and open-source code editor for window and mac developed by git hub. If you are finding a code editor which can be customize according to your need then Atom can help you solve this. It is a cross platform code editor for mac using Chromium and NodeJS. This has been written in Coffee Script and less, but much of it has been converted into the JavaScript. It is similar to VS Code but it is better than that as it provides us with more and easy customization of its UI, beginners friendly, plugins can also be installed in it. If you are using GIT Hub then this code editor for mac will be very much helpful for you, as it can provide easy connectivity of code and easy editing of downloaded code. Some amazing features of the Atom are

  • Split the screen for easy to use
  • Multiple project opening
  • One click open
  • Beginners friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Advanced customization available
  • Used for both web and software application
  • Search and install new packages or use existing package
  • Faster and smooth experience
  • Autocompletion
  • All basic and advanced features for coding
  • Amazing file system browser

Best link to get Atom Code editor:


Sublime text (Best Paid Code Editor)

sublime text

Sublime text is a best code editors for window and mac provided by the Sublime HQ Pvt Ltd. It is one of the best code editors mac and windows available in the market. The reason why most of beginners use atom instead of sublime text is because of money as sublime text is a paid software which provide you with 30day free trial, whereas Atom is a free software to use. As at initial stage of becoming a programmer, money is very precious so instead of wasting
money Atom is used instead of Sublime Text. There also some Reason to use this software are:

  • Made for beginners
  • Simple UI
  • Work with different project at a same time
  • Software can be made very easily using this
  • Mostly used for web application or website making
  • Prefer by the most web designer
  • Basic features
  • Supports all the languages

Best link to get Sublime text:


Visual Studio Code (Most Used Best Code Editor)

vs code

Visual Studio Code (VS Code) is a code editor mac for windows provided by the Microsoft for the programmers to code with great height. The reason why VS code is at 3 rd rank is it’s for advanced coding and require enough knowledge to use its advanced feature although, It is not a beginner friendly; beginners might feel difficult to use this code editor. If we talk about its feature then it will be going to be its insult, as it is the most powerful and most used code editor for windows in the market. It provides us with all the features required for coding. But if you still want to know, what are it feature, then it is listed below:

  • Have advanced setting for coding
  • Plugins are great for coding
  • Ment for all purpose of coding
  • Open all file formats
  • Very helpful when making software
  • Reduce the time of code writing
  • Great no. of themes available and installable
  • Live server for making web app or website
  • Auto completion of code (with and without plugins)
  • Basic features
  • Integrated terminals

Best link to get VS code:


Notepad ++

notepad ++

Notepad ++ is a text editor and source code editors developed by the Don Ho. It come preinstalled in some version of Microsoft Windows. If we have a look at the top most used Code Editor for mac Worldwide, then we will find it in that list. Due to its demand increasing this software has now become the most rapid growing code editor for windows among the programmers. It provides us with a lot of features that help programmers on daily basis. It come with preinstalled plugins of all the languages. Its feature is listed below

  • Macro can be used
  • Come with all the basic features
  • Autosave
  • Simultaneous editing
  • Work with different project at a same time
  • Easy to use
  • Simple UI
  • Line bookmarking

Best link to get notepad++


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Bracket is also another free and open-source code editor for coding, it was developed by the phoenix Ltd. If you are a finding an best web application making software, then bracket is the best in this field. Similarly it come with support of Mozilla Firefox which is inbuilt in it. It among the top modern web application making software. Reason to use bracket are:

  • Inline editor
  • Live preview of the site
  • Processor support
  • Open source
  • JavaScript can be used to customize its UI
  • Git integration can be used for bracket coding
  • Very powerful Editor
  • Real time visualization with connection to your browser

Best link to get Bracket Code Editor for windows and mac



In Conclusion from all the above point you might now have cleared your all doubts about choosing your code editor for windows and mac, now you can start coding very easily and make your courier bright. However If you are still now clear about which code editor for mac to use then use my suggestions:

For Instance Start with Atom or Notepad ++ as a beginner. If you can afford then you might go with sublime text. After that you can choose your code editor for mac according to your need.

After that you can change your code editor or you might can stay on it. If you still wanted to change your code editor after few months of coding, then you should might go with the VS Code. However, it i all time best.

Bonus Tip: In Addition of all the tip i give you a bonus tip, Choose one which provide you best efficiency and productivity.

Bonus Tip: If you are confused in choosing between Laptop or Desktop then you must check out Laptop Vs Desktop.

All the tips are given on the basis of a beginner level, so if you are doing coding already then it’s your choice to choose any one code editor for further development of skills. So I think now you have cleared all your doubt about which editor is best for you to start, if you face any problem in installing or downloading or anything else, you can comment me down, I shall try to solve your problem as much fast I can.
Thanks for reading my views and opinions.


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