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Computer Tips and Tricks

Today i am going to give you knowledge about some tech computer tips and trick that can save a lot of your time and make easy to use computer.

Tip 1: Quick Switch between two tabs

We can quickly switch between any two tabs by using the shortcut key of “Alt + Tab”.

“Alt + Tab” is a shortcut key to quickly switch between two opened tabs but you wanted to know how it may work?

we can use the command in two different ways:

By holding it and then releasing it.


pressing it and then releasing it.

both the ways are helpful but depend on you which one to choose

1st way is used when more than two tabs are opened in a window.

other one is used in case when two tabs are open in a window.

computer tips alt + tab

As you can see in below picture 

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Tip 2: Create or Access multiple desktop 

Window key + Tab is the shortcut key used worldwide to create or access the multiple desktop.

This feature is very much helpful when you want to do multi tasking on your computer.

This can allow you to open different apps and program in different desktop view. It is very useful if you don’t have two monitor, try to stream. You can choose another desktop view for streaming instead of buying a new monitor for streaming. 

As you can see in below picture 

computer tips win + tab

Tip 3 : Make shortcut key for any software

This trick can help you save a lot of time, 

For ex: here you can see i had add “Ctrl + Alt + P” shortcut key to create shortcut of Adobe Premier Pro

first you might need to Right click on the icon 

then click on the properties 

after that go to shortcut key section.

now you need to type the shortcut key, which you want to assign to the software.

“Click on apply” to save the settings and hence your shortcut key is assigned.

computer tips shortcut keys

Tip 4:  Use Voice typing (Computer Tips)

in order to use voice type with “Speech Recognition” command, which can reduce your effort of typing and type very fast and accurately

you might need to the following tasks:

  1. first you would need to search for “Speech Recognition” in the search menu
  2. then after you might need to set it up according to your need 
  3. Now you have to choose your Voice Input Device which can be microphone, headphone, speaker or anything. 
  4. Simply Finish it.  
  5. Now open “Speech Recognition” again and open the application where you want to speak 
  6. Start speaking
  7. Enjoy! Voice Typing. 
computer tips voice command

Tip 5: Personal AI assistant for web surfing (Computer Tips)

Using Cortana is very helpful for web searching as it provide you with best web result of your search. It reduce the time of searching and directly open the recommended best result through the internet 

However if you want To Use Cortana you must follow the steps 

  1. You must have window operating system 
  2. Search Cortana in the  
  3. Sign in to your Microsoft account to use Cortana
  4. Your Cortana is set now search anything on it 

For ex:  I had searched for Amazing Computer tips and tricks

computer tips cortona

Tip 6:  Hide or Unhide any file and folder

To hide and unhide your folder you must follow the step 

Step to hide your folder 

  1. Right click on the folder your want to hide 
  2. Click on its properties 
  3. Click on Hidden, Click on apply 
  4. Press enter your folder is now hidden. 
computer tips hide

Step to unhide your folder 

  1. Search for “Show hidden files”.
  2. Now click on change setting to show hidden and system files 
  3. Now under Hidden files and folders 
  4. Select “Show hidden files and folders.”
  5. Now press apply your files and folders are visible now
computer tips unhide

Tip 7: Use Task Manager for better optimization

By using “Ctrl + Shift + Esc” command in your pc your can easily notice your pc specs. (Under Performance table)

Even more than that you can also notice which app is using how much resources and by what amount. (Under processes table)

You can also set your priority towards your app. Set which will get more resources and which will get less resources. (Under details table)

You can also close any app by clicking on end task in case of hang situation.

We can also manage our start-up apps which and check which app impact us the most during the turn on or booting of the pc.

You can also which services are running (Under Services table)

You can also see the history of the app consumption or network usage or network speed (downloading and uploading). (Under app history table)

Computer Tips Task Manager

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Tip 8: Use Window + G for Gaming is Amazing Tip sed by Gamers

Window + G key is very helpful feature for gamers like you and me. In this feature we can take screenshot and screen recording without any lag and any additional software. It also provides us with amazing feature like CPU, GPU, VRAM, RAM Consumption. From here we can also manage our X-Box game bar if you use it.

You can also manage your sound setting in order for better gaming experience

The shortcut key for recording is “Ctrl + Alt + R”

The shortcut key for screen shot is “Ctrl + Alt + prt scr”.

Winddw + G

Tip 9: Install all software in one click is amazing Computer Tips

Imagine you have installed new window on your pc. All the app are need to be installed in order to start your work. But going to all software website then downloading and after that installing isn’t a quite lengthy process. Imagine if your all software can be installed in one single click without searching for all software. This can be possible

For this you need to open any web browser

Now on the browser search for the website naming

This website will show you interface like this:


now select all the software you want to install in your pc (choose from the choice available).

After selecting the software you want to install, Then simply click on the “get your Ninete”.

After that it will going to download a file.

Similarly you just need to install the software into one directory (C:, D:, E:)

Now everything is done, all your software are now downloaded without wasting your too much precious time.

Hope you enjoy

Tip 10:  Secret Button to Minimize all tabs 


Our you a multitasker? Who work in multiple tabs? Imagine there are 100 tab open. In order to go to desktop, you must minimize all tabs one by one. But today I am going you to tell an amazing Computer Tip which will minimize all tabs at one click and open your desktop within .1 second.

This trick can be used from click on right most bottom of the desktop.

A button Is present there which directly show you the desktop instead of minimizing the app.

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Do comment if you face any problem, I will answer your problem as much fast as I can.

Thanks for reading my blog.

Hope you enjoy the tips.  


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