How to Dual boot windows 10 and Ubuntu or more

Dual Booting Windows 10 with Linux?

windows 10 + linux

If you think two operating systems on one computer is joke? Yes, it’s a joke for non – techy person. The reality is that we can use more than infinite number of operating systems on one computer without any trouble? Yes, you here it correct infinite number of operating systems. This is possible by the process of dual booting. Now you are thinking what is dual booting?
How we can set it on our computer?
How to use it?
What are its benefits?
So, without wasting any time i am going to tell you each and everything about Dual Booting Windows 10 with Linux.

What is Dual Booting?

In simple words, Dual Booting is a process by which we can install, use and run two operating system in our computer without high resources or high end pc configuration. Dual Booting is made up of two words “Dual” and “Booting” here dual mean more than 1 or two and booting mean
the process of starting up of computer after it is shutdown. It combines and makes the word Dual Booting.

What is the requirement for the pc to run it on the dual booting?

Your pc should meet all these requirement to run dual boot successfully on your computer

  • Window 10 (64 bit or 32 bit) or later version
  • Must have at least 4gb of ram
  • You must have enough free space on your hard disk, for storing data and operating system on it. 25Gb of free space is
  • recommended
  • Must have pen drive or CD / DVD drive to install the operating system on Dual Boot.
  • Good internet connectivity is also recommended as Operating system files are very much large.
  • If you have a SSD over HDD you will Operating system will boot very fast.

If your pc meet with the requirement then follow the next steps, if not then you will get slower experience.

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How to set your computer to run it on dual boot?

Setting up your computer to run dual booting windows 10 is an easy task, you might just need to change some setting and install some file from external sources (like: booting files or rufus.)

Downloading Essential software and operating system files. Now we are going to download some essential software and the Operating system files on our computer.

Link to download Rufus:

  • So first we need to install Rufus,
  • Rufus is a free and open-source software used to create and format the bootable pen drive. It supports most of the file
  • formats up to 38 types and iso file.
  • You can download the rufus from the given link below
  • Now after you download the rufus, just run it and install it in the requires directory.
  • Rufus is download successfully to your computer.
  • Now our next step is to download the Operating System .iso file into the computer

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Operating system file is the main file which contain all the data of the operating system for ex: Window10.iso is a operating system file which can be used to download Window 10 to any computer.
Follow the step to install the operating system

Link to download Kali Linux:

kali linux

Link to download Ubuntu OS:

  • Go to the official site of the operating system and download the required operating system file.
  • NOTE: the file must be in .iso as it is easier to install on the rufus without any error. Don’t download Operating system file from third party website as the website file can contain some virus or may be corrupt.
  • For ex: – I am going to install Kali Linux in this case for that I just went to the official website of the Kali Linux and then downloaded the required .iso file according to my version choice. Now as you find the correct version then just simply download the Operating System.

Make bootable pen drive

After installing all the file and software, now our one step is left that is to make bootable pen drive. Bootable pen drive is form of pen drive which is used to install something to the computer when it is in the state of boot.
Follow the steps to make your pen drive bootable:

  • Open rufus, then just select the pen drive location
  • After that, under boot selection tab. Select the Disk or Iso image. (I am going to Select Linux.iso as i am going to install Kali Linux on my pc)
  • Now simply click on the select button. It will ask you to open the .iso file of the operating system
  • Now simply select the file and click on start.
  • Your pen drive is now a bootable pen drive.

Creating a partition for the operating system for Dual Booting Windows 10

Now only one step is left, that is creating a partition for operating system, which can be create by the following steps.

  • From the Start menu, open the Run dialog box. (Alternatively, you can Press the “Window + R” key to open the RUN window).
  • Type “diskmgmt.msc” and press enter to open it.
  • To shrink the particular disk partition that you want, select it and then right-click on it and select “shrink volume”.
  • After clicking the “Shrink Volume” option, a “Shrink E:” window will appear on the screen. Just enter how much space you want to shrink in MB and click on the Shrink button. For example: If you want to shrink 60 GB, select 61440 MB in “Enter the amount of space to shrink to MB”.
  • After completing of the shrinking process, you will see a new Unallocated space which can be use as a new partition or volume.

I have also described the shrinking process in detail in my previous article on the topic, “How to shrink the Hard Disk Partition in Windows 10”.

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How to install the Another OS with Dual Booting Windows 10?

Now in order to install the OS on your computer, you must complete all the steps suggested above.

installing linux

After that now you need to follow these steps to install the operating system on dual boot in your computer

  • You need to plug in the bootable pen drive to your computer
  • Now, check if it is working or not
  • Now shut down, your computer.
  • Before starting or booting into your computer, you must know what is your BIOS shortcut key it can either be F10 or F12 depending upon your system.
  • Now startup the computer and press the F10 or F12 key according to your system.
  • Your computer will automatically detect the new bootable device in your system, or it will ask you to choose between the bootable device from the list. Then simply select your Bootable Pen Drive from the list.
  • Now the process of installing operating system has began now. It will going to ask from us about some basic setting.
  • Then it will show which version of operating system we are trying to install
  • Then it will ask about the portion where you want to install the Operating System. Select the one which you have created earlier.
  • Now it will ask you for how much storage do you want to give to Operating System, just decide yourself depending upon the free space available to you.
  • Now all steps are complete, and click on install now button.
  • Your Operating System is being install now and will move further when it will be complete.
  • After the installation of the new Operating System. It now ask for some of your details and how do you want your pc to be configure or managed.
  • Just simply fill it
  • Now your new Operating System is successfully install and running in dual.


Dual booting is helpful but if you have high end pc then you must try Virtual Machine. The tutorial to use virtual machine is here below:

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BONUS TIP: you can also change the booting order and time from the windows and also from BIOS settings.
Hope so that you now know how to use dual boot and run operating system on it. If you love my content then please tell me or if you face any problem then just simply comment me down or email me.
So that I can solve your problem, as fast I can.


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