How To Improve Gaming Performance On Window 10

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Improve Gaming Performance is very much important to run Game without any lag.
Want improved gaming performance? Here’s how to increase gaming performance and ensure that you can easily run the game you want. Want to run high end games but computer lag’s. then you had come to write place, from now onwards your computer will never lag during gaming. In order to optimize your computer for gaming, you must try all these ways. These are very much helpful in making your computer optimize for the extreme gaming performance.

Here are 10 ways to optimize your laptop gaming setup on Windows.

Upgrade Your Laptop or Computer to Improve Gaming Performance

If you also had an old computer like mine, then you must upgrade your hardware. Installing new hardware is the key way to speed up your pc for gaming. But what can you upgrade? In a computer you can upgrade the following hardware to increase the performance during gaming.

Adding RAM: If your computer have less than 4GB of RAM, then you must add new ram storage into your computer as most of the modern games require minimum 4GB of RAM to run. While 8GB is the recommended these days. Upgrade will be going to give you a nice boost.

Use SSD: if your computer is still running at Hard Disk and want to run high end games in your computer, then you are mocking. As Hard Disk now adays are replace with SSD. Which are 100 times faster than the ordinary Hard disk. If you want to boost your computer performance, then upgrading Hard Disk is best.

Upgrade to the latest drivers to Improve Gaming Performance


Computers running Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems are almost all based around the same hardware, with the same architecture. This means that whatever the operating system, keeping device drivers up to date is vital.

Fortunately, this is usually a straightforward a process. In most cases, it occurs automatically during standard OS updates.

However, when it comes to graphic drivers, you might need a more hands-on approach. While Intel graphics—largely unsuitable for hardcore gaming—will enjoy updated drivers via a Windows update, your third-party graphics provider doesn’t offer that option.

Instead, ensure the GPU management software (such as Nvidia GeForce Experience or AMD Gaming Evolved) is set to automatically update. Be sure to keep your controller and audio drivers up to date, too.

best and free software to update the windows driver:

Deleting Temporary files

Deleting temporary files can help you a lot in improve gaming performance of a computer. As these files are stored with cache and prefetch file on the main drive, which make the computer slow with time.

In order to remove these files, you must search of them using command “Win + R” A box will appear, now simply type %temp% in it, then the folder will open which contain all the temporary files select them all and delete.

Prefetch can also be deleted by using the %prefetch% command. Deleting these files will help you in giving a boost to your computer.

Optimizing your computer

Optimizing your computer is the most recommended step for any person who wants to run high end game and is the must step to follow in order to improve gaming performance in his PC without upgrading the hardware. This step is very much in deep but provide assurity to you in running high end game on a low spec computer. if you wanted to know about it in depth then you can visit this blog.

As it provides you all the information that you need to optimize your pc into gaming pc.

  • These optimizations include steps like:
  • Enhanced graphics setting.
  • Task manager optimization.
  • Any game optimization engine
  • 60+ FPS on every game
  • Making it compatible to run with your computer
  • Background apps and much more.

Overclocking the Graphics Card and processor for enhanced gaming experience.

Want to know how to improve gaming performance you might need to improve the graphics and processing capabilities of your computer? The best way is overclocking. Overclocking of the CPU is also possible by changing the power mode of the computer from normal to advanced and also turning fan on all times so that your computer will never be heated. While risky for the beginner, overclocking can force additional performance out of the graphics card. Tools are
available for both AMD and Nvidia GPUs, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding something suitable. The main problems are with power and heat. Overclocking uses more electricity, so you’ll need to adjust your computer’s power settings appropriately (see below). But overclocking also increases the temperature of the GPU.

Looking for an overclocking tool for your GPU? The most popular at present is MSI Afterburner, which is suitable for Nvidia and AMD graphics cards.

Link to Download MSI After Burner :

You can enjoy good results with overclocking, but it is something you must do with care.

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Adjust Your Computer’s Power Settings can immediately Improve Gaming Performance

Suppose you can increase your computer performance by just changing a few settings, you are hearing it right. Choosing power plan for computer is very helpful in increasing it’s capabilities beyond the expectation. Windows gives you some detailed power management options, but for strong gaming experience, connect your laptop to a power outlet or your computer to the main power if it is connected to the UPS.

Once this is done, look at your computer’s power settings. In Windows:

  • You can look it up or search it down in the search bar.
  • After that, just open it and change some setting.
  • Create a high-performance plan for gaming.
  • Then under it change it’s advanced setting for the processor minimum and maximum state.
  • You can also change some other setting, if you need.
  • Then just click “OK”, and apply the setting.
  • Then choose it as the current plant

We have also attached a file to create a high performance plan and application which help in gaming.


NOTE: if you are laptop is running on battery then it is advised to connect the power cable to it, otherwise your laptop battery can be damages or laptop can get shutdown due to power shortage supply.

Use: Windows Game Mode (Improve Gaming Performance)

In window 8 and later version, a setting name “Window Game Mode” was added. This setting is a boon to the gamer, as this setting can change the whole gameplay experience of a gamer. This is made by windows itself so that’s why it is very much powerful.
In order to use the setting, we must follow the following steps:

  • Click Start > Settings (or WIN+I)
  • Click Gaming > Xbox Game Bar
  • Switch to On IMAGE
  • Select Game Mode in the left-hand pane
  • Switch to On
  • Close to finish
game mode

Now your Game Mode is enabled, Window will going to manage your computer in order to run the game without lag.
It can do anything like reduce background apps, close unnecessary app during games or stop the unnecessary tasks.

Close Background Apps for Increased Laptop FPS

If you are on an older version of windows like window 7 or window 8 or older. Then you might need to do this task before playing any game, as it will going to reduce the FPS in any game. The task is “Close Background Apps” which you can do by closing all the unnecessary tabs open or simply from the task manager. You can open the task manager from the taskbar or using the command “Ctrl + Shift + Esc”.
You can also avoid these apps by going to setting and search for Background Apps. If the button is on then simply
make it off. Now your computer will never run background apps while you play games.

Changing the in-game setting of the games

If you had followed all the above steps and you do not find any change in the performance of your pc. Then you must try this step as it is better of all steps so far discuss. This step can easily improve gaming performance. This step is changing the in-game setting of the game you trying to play.

You must change all the graphics setting from high to minimum, if disabling of any texture or shadow is available then just disable. As all these textures are add to your game when you play, the game will increase the load to CPU and GPU. If you don’t have a high-end GPU then disabling all this is very much helpful. Reducing the resolution of the game is a very helpful. You can understand it very easily as more the resolution result in more the pixel and more the pixel result in more GPU memory optimization.

For ex: you have a Graphic card which can handle the load of any medium resolution game or simply 2k games then you will be going to get 60fps if you play it on 2k. but suppose if you play the game on 2160 pixel or 4k then your GPU memory will be more use and chance of lag increases but if you play the same game at 1080 pixel or 2k the GPU memory will not be use much and chance of lag decreases and hence more FPS will be gain. Disabling all the extra feature and animations in a game, provide you with a good boost in fps of your game.

Disable notifications

This tip is less of an FPS booster and more of a sanity-preserver, as no one needs to see notifications when they’re in the middle of a game.

  • Press the Windows key + I to open the Settings, then choose System.
  • Opening the System settings in Windows 10
  • Select Focus Assist from the left-side menu, then click When I’m playing a game.
  • The Focus assist settings in Windows 10
  • Set alerts to Alarms only, or Priority only if you’d like to see a limited set of notifications.


If this isn’t enough, see our optimizing tips for Windows gaming, or you can comment or email us for more



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